Welcome to Upper Bavaria

On the original fs19 map there were 8 farms,
for now we only have 1, but there are other lands that can be bought and have space to make your farms.
take your own choice.

This map has 165 fields that can be cultivated, and a few more that can be used to do whatever they want,

In this version 1.0 journey you will start with 1 farm and some fields,
I will be working to add the other 7 farms in the next updates.

I hope you like this map, I had a lot of work with it.
mainly the delay to obtain authorization from the developer to convert it.
I couldn't get permission from the developers of the old positionables, so I took the liberty of making some changes.

Special thanks to you Matthias,
without you none of this would be possible.
A big hug to everyone.

If you are not yet our follower, follow us on Youtube, instagram and discord.
God bless you all.

Required mods
Bavarian Farm Pack
Barn With Workshop
Stone Selling Station
Ricci Point of sale
Old Polish Egg Sale Point


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DOWNLOAD (411.7 MB, modsbase.com)