Push Release

fix for Harvester with pipe on the right side

Added error message for Giants AI Driver starting position too far away

fix for #1951

fix for #1940

fix for #1926

Push Hotfix

fix a callstack when unloader not at the field.

removed forgotten debug.

adjustment for start unloader when using Giants Helper.

Push Release

Basic universal autoloader implementation.

Added safety check, so no assigned course without waypoints is getting saved.

Fixes ai menu bug and small baler/baleloader adjustements.

Added option to show the course on the mini map.

Added a user setting to change between feet and meters. #1848

Small fixes for #1890

v7.1.0.3 Latest

Prepare modhub Update

F1 Keybind default off


Push Release

Debug parameter added

fix for drawbar #1654

Pathfinder fix for #1804

Bale wrapper fix #1789

Push Release

Automatic translation update, formatting and creation (relevant for developers)

Added missing translation files.

Every language supported by the game can be edited now.

Added new course editor for fieldwork courses and custom field borders (more information in the help menu).

Improved the interface for the auto load mod: FS22_aPalletAutoLoader.

Arcusin Multipack F14 now unloads the compacted bales on the field.

Improvements for #1726 and #1728

ModHub Release

turn off stopAtEnd setting for now

This settings is not used anywhere.

Should consider reactivate it, but it needs to be tested with combines and AutoDrive take over. As this will be a bit more complex, will do that after ModHub Release.

fix: no convoy stop/slow down when self unloading #1690

some small tweaks

This Version will get sent into ModHub. Keep in mind that we might get it back and have to change some small things, wich won't get a new Release Version, but the .zip file will be updated. As soon as Courseplay is on ModHub, we will continue with normal Updates.

Push pre-ModHub Release

Some file cleanup and Testtool fixes

Some debug is now turned off by default (some very few one we keep active)

Fixes a bug with the bale type in combination with AutoDrive

Push Release

fixes small Giants AI Job conflict

fix for #1576

add beacon lights for Combine #1664

fix for #1295

Setting improvement for MP #1258

Push Hotfix

fix for #1645

fix for #1647

fixes bale type filter not working (somehow it stopped working...)

also add a bale size check

Push Release

fix for #1601 turns off the sensor for vine work, should find a better way later.

Bale collector can now select the type of Bale, if he should collect wrapper/unwrapped/all bales.

fix for #1617

sprayer work width now changes when load lime or fertilizer

Support for collecting bales with Pallet Autoload Specialization by Achimobil

Push Release

fix for #1554 , where vehicles drive off the course, also implemented an emergency stop, if the vehicle drives more then 50 meters away from its target waypoint (including info message).

fix for #1544 , the offset of the plow now gets always calculated, so there is no 'jump' to an old offset.

fix for #1575 , Baler should drive with turn speed now, when almost full.

fix for #1467 , Anderson BioBaler unloads the bales, offset have to be set manually, as it can be adjusted.

Baler now wait at the end of the row, when wrapping a bale and is about to drop it #1527

maybe fixes #1550 , in some rare situations, the headland got calculated twice with 0 offset.

proximity sensor refactored to prevent being slow down by far enough objects and now also turns in the turning direction of the vehicle. This should help with situations like in #1555 and #1320

small debug fix

fixes for Patch 1.5 #1593

Push Release

small fix for #1516

fix for #1517

bugfix for #1511

The idea we got from Giants for getting the length of the combine pipe (unfold/measure/fold the pipe within one cycle) does not seem to work for other implements, so we are reverting it now, sorry about equipment flying around.

This unfortunately means that Courseplay can only detect the working width of some implements correctly when you manually unfold them and click on the working width text in the HUD.

Small plow offset fix

Push Release

Soil Sampler works now for fieldwork

Work width detection rework for #480

fix for course start/headland and start/connecting track with offset.

Corner settings for headland is now available in simple mode, as some user requested.

fix for #1412

fix for #1478

fix for #1457

Push Release

PF Help Menu fix. #1425

Combine turns off the engine, while it's raining. #1411 #1413

Fixes mp bug #1409

Combine should not be stopped by heavy sloped terrain. #1398

Can skip 2 lanes on vines for mod sprayer that sprays 4 vines. #1421

Simple mode fixes. #1414

Should fix controller input on course generator settings. #1369

New Help menu sections: General, Info panel, symmetric lane change.

modDesc description update.

Fixes a bug with the vine course generator. #1440

The translations on our side should be ready for a ModHub release now.

If you want your language translation ready for ModHub as well, now is the right time :)

We think in about 2-3 Weeks (depending on bug feedback) we plan to release on ModHub!

Push Release

Changed broken setting to 100% is off and 100% is default #1378

Bugfix for #1347 ,Vehicles on outer offset lane should start at their correct waypoint now.

Course start fix for #1365

Harvester now stops during rain and continues when rain is over.

Added an "expert" Mode, wich we contain all the settings you are used to. However, the expert mode is turned off by default.

We try to make courseplay more accessible for new players to not be scared off all the settings.

Settings that are not accessible when expert mode is off, will use their default values.

To activate the expert Mode, go into global settings and turn it on.

Push Release

fix for #1365 ,could not start copied course.

Add interface for stone picker and fuel empty / broken (AD).

Push Release

noReverse added for some towed Plows, as they work better when not pushed back, #1307

gsHudVisibility 0 now works for all CP HUDs, #1312

Added copy and paste courses to the HUD, #1315

Band aid for #1329 , should now always drive to the lane offset from the HUD.

Some more Notifications added and where they are displayed.

fixes #1349

Push Release

Small AI Menu and GUI fixes.

Some small MP fixes.

Ingame Help Menu added

Fore more Information, pls read #1266

Vine worker added #49 #1292

This vine worker have some conditions to work correct.

Please stick to the suggested values for the generator and the vines, written in the ingame help menu.

Push Release

Potato harvester self unload fix #902 #1079

fix unfolding baler #1239

Saves the hud start position and lane offset #1227

Turn fix for #1252

Should fix mp info texts #1220

Added user setting to disable the player mouse event for info texts #1214

Added debug channel event

Small fix for AIMessageErrorIsFull in mp

Added more console commands for dev.

Push Release

Infotext display added: #423

Added a new info text window.

With mouse click on the message, the vehicle will be entered.

While the message is hovered, the vehicle name is displayed.

Info text are finished, empty, full, fuel almost empty, fuel empty and broken down.

When the driver is released with a message, then the message is only being reset,

once a player enters the vehicle.

Added optional sowing machine setting. #1072

The forage wagon waits until it's completely filled now. #1167

Added setting to stop the driver, when the silage additive is empty.

Turn off cutter for harvesters while waiting for unloader.

Fuel save added for harvesters. #140

Add option to prefer custom fields. #1113

Small hud adjustments.

Convoy deadlock fix #1140

Another Convoy fix #1166

Fix for 180 turn offset multitool

Fixes hud play button not active, when driveToFieldWorkStartStrategy is active.

fixes #1162

Small MP fixes


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