This is not a mod!!! Unzip and replace each files and folders in the original mod folder.

- Goweil DLC compatible;
- Maize Plus Compatible;
- added german translation (if you want to help with your language, please contact me on Discord);
- huge productions pack compatible (for example Dragon's Den Production Extension);
- added new crop: Hemp and a windrow: Hemp Fiber (once a year you mow it and bale it, then sell or turn it into material at Spinnery);
- Winery now gives Grape Marc as bi-product of wine; this can be used further in Homemade Brandy Production;
- I've added the FillTypeLimit increaser script by GtX - now you can use as many factories as you like, no error will apppear (also, Maize plus works because of this and the next changelog);
- I've increased the cells of Density Height Types - although a NEW SAVEGAME IS NOT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, if you have bunker silos filled (chaff, silage, ccm, organic waste or compost), the content will dissapear, the same with all the windrows in the field (grass, alfalfa, clover, hays, straws), so, to avoid this, bale the windrows or put them in hayloft, also empty the bunker silos before updating; anything tipped to the ground will dissapear after the update, so be sure to gather before in silos or trailers or bales;
- darkened the texture of alfalfa;
- fixed corn stalks: because of a typing error in the lua, it produced before 28 liters of corn stalks per square meter, when harvesting corn; now it is fixed to 3 l/m2;
- other minor fixes.

For questions, tutorials or full map, join my Discord server.

For those who really struggle using my pack and for tutorials for new crops, animals and productions, please join my discord server, found in my profile.

DO NOT USE THE UPDATED VERSION FROM YOUTUBE! I didn't used his updated version, because it has no novelty on my edit (he added compost bunkers, I have them too, deleted some trees and fixed some collectibles) and also most likely will need a new savegame, that I want to avoid. So, apply the pack on the version here on Kingmods or check my Discord for the full map.

For the carrot and onion harvest I added some mods as requirements that should automatically download from mod hub. Also you can check my Fortscritt Multifruit edit for a smaller machine that suits better for this map.

Tutorial for adding multifruit pack as mine:

All credits go to the map maker VenturioGames and his team.

- Added extra crops: rye, millet, beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, buckwheat, rice, linseed/flax (with flax fiber as straw), hops vines, white grapes vines, poppy seeds, mustard, carrot and onion;
- changed the foliage and growth for alfalfa and clover, because they were not regrowing;
- added the new crops and straws to all the sellingpoints and productions, also most of them have contracts;
- added new factories (bakery, spinnery, oil plant, grain mill etc.) with new products and new buildings for animals.
- added the animals from HOF Bergmann by Farmer Andy, including cats (cats eat mineral feed; they reproduce and can be sold);
- added cat zone and calf igloos placeable in building mode (calves need straw and milk; the igloos are 2 different placeables: one with all the fences, the second to add in the empty spaces where the fences are; level the ground first);
- added a goat husbandry from HOF B. to get goat milk (!!! - removed fences, pasture pretty large give them some space; add inside only goats because the pallets spawn oddly one piece of wool o a pallet; for sheep use another pen/pasture);
- added a greenhouse and open garden plot with new plants;
- added a hayloft that accepts even bales (but gives bulk back) and modified map's bunker silo to accept alfalfa and clover
- added a root crop storage that works with carrots and onions;
- added OmaTana's growth calendar for those who want to play without seasons (just base game crops grow faster; I don't know how to add for the new crops the nonseasonal growth to work properly; if you know, please add and contact me for an update);
- added custom traffic with custom vehicles
- added new animals on the pre-placed pasturea and animal dealer.

Known issues: use Precision Farming, because without it when plowing/cultivating will get a 100% fertilization on that field. Also Compost doesn't register as fertilizer in Precision F.


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