Changelog: Version - MilkShuttle (milk taxi) added (little helper for milk distribution at the calf igloos) - Error message fixed (Error: Failed to open xml file ...fresnelShader.xml) only occurred on other maps not on the Hof Bergmann MapVersion - Bicycle + trailer and wheelbarrow added to passenger (only visible if Kubota DLC is available and only works in MP) Note on the trailer, the driver must first enter the trailer and then the other player. If you still have the trailer wants to use it on the bike, the 1st player has to leave the trailer again, so the other player should still be sitting in the trailer. The trailer cannot be climbed as a passenger when it is coupled. - Fixed the module attacher for the pushcar Version - Bug that occurred with patch was fixed added - Shovel radius increased on the wheelbarrow (fixes the problem with calves mucking out on the Bergmann farm)Version - Added barrel module for the bicycle trailer - Fixed various problems caused by games patch 1.4.1 - Desc version increased, now requires the latest LS VersionVersion (INTERNAL) - Added own AttacherJoint Type for bicycle + bicycle trailer (prevents other trailers from being attached) - Fixed coloring of the drawbar on the bicycle trailer - the same colors can now be selected for the bicycle trailer as for the bicycle itselfVersion (INTERNAL) - MaxMass values slightly increased - Added bicycle - Added bicycle trailer Version (INTERNAL) - Change EnterText Script installed. Changes "Get into vehicle" text to any text appropriate for the hand tool. - PushableVehicleFix script installed. It is no longer necessary to start the hand tools beforehand.Version (INTERNAL) - Initial FS22 Release


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