Sugarcane map based on the interior of São Paulo, containing two headquarters: Usina Raízen and the Silos Sales Unit of Coopermota and Belagrícola. highways with police bases and weighing points."

Some observations:

A period has been added to the end of the sentence.

The words "canavieiro" and "sedes" were spelled correctly.

"Usina Raízen" and "Silos Sales Unit of Coopermota and Belagrícola" were written with the appropriate uppercase and lowercase letters.

"Vanase Shipment" and "Limestone Factory" have been added as map elements.

"Various quests in fields" has been added to give more information about the activities present on the map.

"Highways with Police Bases and Weigh Points" have been added to supplement the map description.

Rodrigo Franco Marcos Aurélio Douglas Souza

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