Update adds rootcrop support, and more placeables.

I have planted and harvested all 3 new root crops

each tested no problem.

Deleted all old FS19 particle system smoke and water


There was major UV issues with old particle system file,

and the old water planes well the just sucked lol.

You would walk into the water right on done to the

bottom kinda like I ski.

Added FS22 emmiter smoke and water planes.

Now you can go back in water for a skinny di

and not go straight to bottom lol.

Removed old Static Fences and replace them

with The FS22 Placables. Now if you own the

farm property you can demolish the fence if you wish.

This is for those who want to design there own farms.

There is a new Stone Quarry around BGA area.

You will need to buy Farmland 12 to use it.

Around Quarry there is piled Dirt I have heard that there

is gold in this dirt hehe.

If you mine all the stone or dirt, and want to replenish the

mine there is a trick. In your save game file you will see a file

called densityMap_height.gdm. If you have pickup or baled all

of your swath ie straw, windrows and have sold that pile of sugarbeets

that was on the ground then by deleting this file from you save game folder

and starting the game backup it will put a new game densityMap_height.gdm

back into your save game folder and bam your mine is full again. O¿-

Added root crops to planters so you can use the planter mods

coming out for the new expansion.

Have tested carrot, parsnip, and RedBeet they all grow and


Added alot of placeables so be sure to check them out.

With in the map zip, you will find the Updated

Autodrive Course Zip for map with all new production

areas. That is if ya use autodrive.

Last but not least I have cut the grass around homes and


Now for part everyone just loves.

These Fixes will require a new SaveGame to

be able to see the updates in Game.

Because shape size has gotten bigger than 396 giants

says consol players may have problems.

Enjoy and have Fun with it.

Peace Out


KS Mapping, DrtyDiesel Modding, geeman72, Tofo69

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