Hello, how about an autonomous tractor on your farm and a futuristic look?

This is now possible thanks to this huge and robust tractor from the manufacturer BNL. The model recently presented by the manufacturer promises economy and longevity and is not only very beautiful.

Price: €300,000

Manufacturer: BNL

Power: 500 HP


- Farzeug now has 3 colors top, middle, bottom (thanks to TaZ-Modding)

- Script added for further color choices (thanks to Achimobil for the script and approval)

- Corrected for steering and crawler after multiplayer test with Autodrive Notes

- 3 point clutch was corrected displayed on the front

- Various engine configs for electric and diesel installed

- Planned Updates:

- Completely new body planned by TaZ-Modding. (It is not yet known when the time will come)

- Test runner optimization


- Converted to the Ls22 (Devil's Dragon)

- Steering fix and log cleaning (Willi Willswissen)

- Devil's Dragon:

- Added color choice

- Various statues installed on the hood (provided by TaZ-Modding)

- Added side and front decals

- Added license plate (can now also drive on roads)

- Design choice for front weight installed (front weight replaced with a new one)

- New Colli box installed

- Hydraulic Electric connections installed for all devices

- Deer antlers and 3D font installed (provided by TaZ-Modding)

- 3 point coupling installed


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DOWNLOAD (77.7 MB, modsbase.com)